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Similar to a tall structure which depends on its strong foundation for sustenance...
WorldServe Education begets it's strength from a team of experienced individuals with vast knowledge spanning across an ocean of subjects.

Sudhir Rao Rupanagudi

Managing Director, WorldServe Education

Mr. Sudhir Rao Rupanagudi, the CEO of WorldServe Education, completed his B.E. in Electronics and Communication from Visvesvaraya Technological University in the year 2006. Throughout his undergraduate years, Mr. Sudhir maintained and nourished an acute interest in research and development, and this was showcased in his final year project, wherein he worked on a low power implementation of a Digital Down-Converter for a baseband receiver. The down-converter introduced a system that allowed mobile phones to reduce their power consumption all on a single chip - the FPGA. Immediately after his graduation, this interest in FPGA design led him to post-graduation in System-on-chip (SOC).

He obtained his Master's Degree in Digital SOC in 2008, from the prestigious LTH, Sweden. During his time at LTH, Mr. Sudhir was one of the top students of his batch, and also secured his M.S. with top grades. One notable achievement during his university years was the discovery of a novel algorithm to reduce the computational complexity of a trellis decoder. The same was selected (amongst 18 groups) for fabrication into an ASIC (Chip) and the idea was also published by him, as a journal in the International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications (WPMC).

Mr. Sudhir kick-started his career as a Research Associate in the Electronics and Communication department of The Indian Institute of Science, one of the most prestigious centers for research in all of India. He was involved with the design of baseband ZigBee radio receivers, and the conduction of the project has been immensely successful. Apart from this, he has also collaborated with one of the premier Government organisations for research in India through IISc.



“And as they say... The rest is History...”

In his final year at LTH - Sweden, Mr. Sudhir trained a group of students in Digital VLSI & Digital FPGA Design. The training was conducted for 3 months and for 30 students who had to complete rigorous and innovative projects in the given duration. It was at this juncture, that he realized that that there was a similar necessity for engineering students back in India. A major reform was necessary in order to introduce the students to practical knowledge through the conduction of simple yet innovative projects. It was with this intention that he returned back to India and founded WorldServe Education in Bengaluru in 2009 with an intake of just 10 students.

In 2010, over numerous discussions with his like-minded friend & co-founder - Ms. Ranjani B.S., Sudhir extended WorldServe's reach to the software domain as well. Since then, WorldServe has catered to around 750 students from various colleges spread widely across the world, through different mini-project programs, online and offline workshops, and also academic research. Students enrolled at WorldServe Education are given a platform for their futuristic ideas, which has led to the development of more than 120 projects and 26 IEEE papers to its student’s names, which is a credit to WorldServe Education’s achievement.

The purpose of WorldServe Education is to introduce and inculcate engineering students with new ideas and innovative methods of implementing them. To accomplish the same several programs have taken off at WorldServe Education, and all of them have been met with great enthusiasm.


Our Team

The staff of the WorldServe Education group consists of experienced teaching professionals who have gained a plethora of experience having worked for several years in their domain, and are capable of offering the best training solutions!

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