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Established in 2009, WorldServe Education has been clinical in positively changing the lives of many students, professionals and researchers across the globe. Our main forte has been to provide a platform for bringing various research projects to life and also to train individuals (both online & offline) practically, in the current cutting-edge technologies related to both the Software and the Electronics & Communication industry.

Our staff, which mainly comprises of a young, dynamic and dedicated group of individuals, is committed in being up-to-date with the latest trends in science and technology. With a plethora of experience in training over 2000 students worldwide and immense practical knowledge, we believe in the philosophy - "Action speaks louder than words" and this is equally reflected in the performance and career growth of all our students.

Our Courses

With more than 100+ courses to choose from, in various formats - both online and offline,
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WorldServe Education proudly presents to you several courses, project training and research & development programmes of various durations in a host of subjects ranging from Electronics, Communication, Instrumentation, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering and the likes. Of these courses, our offline programmes are usually conducted at our various hubs spread across Bengaluru, India and are also conducted across the globe at various universities. Our online courses on the other hand, are delivered right at your doorstep using the latest technologies. All online programmes are delivered LIVE and on a 1:1 basis. CLICK BELOW for MORE INFO!

Offline Courses

Training   •   Project Guidance   •   Workshops   •   Development Programmes   •   Visiting Faculty

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Online Courses

Enjoy a host of LIVE 1:1 Online courses tailor made in the subjects of your choice

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Our Research

Over the past few years, WorldServe Education has carried out research in many fields related to science & technology and has produced several quality papers in reputed International journals.

Along with it's training programmes, WorldServe Education has made it's mark by parallely contributing to the world of research and innovation through it's host of periodicals, publications and papers. We feel proud to have collaborated with the finest of research organizations and students and find pleasure in sharing with the world, our findings. Below is a showcase of categories on which we have worked on and also a list of our choicest publications. Interested in collaborating? Join us now!

Our Accomplishments

With hard work comes encouragement, awards and accomplishments! We present to you a few of the accolades won by our students and also the major achievements of our organization.



Over this wonderful journey of WorldServe Education, we met several sets of students who formed a major part of this organization. Here's what they felt about us!

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